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9th of October 2010
Welcome to the first Campaign of age 4, unfortunately not all of the features I had planned are fully completed however everything from age 2 has been implemented. No changes are going to happen during this campaign however there will probably be a few cosmetic items added, such as ads over the next day or two.

Stats from the previous ages of age 2 will be made available as soon as I work out how to import them.
Posted by Carnage

9th of July 2010
I have today finished most of the first stage of alliances. Currently implemented is a ranking list, alliance profiles and the ability to create, leave and join alliances.

A lot of functionallity is still incomplete, the major thing missing is the alliance base which will feature news and announcements, a wall and member only information about the alliance. The member counts currently don't update either neither is there a script to update the alliance rankings. The final item needed will be adding alliance information to players profiles.

After this first stage there are several other stages to finish such as leader options and making the three alliance types actually do something but I will post more on them as they are implemented.

As the alliances are currently in a state of flux, I may have to deleted some or all alliances as I'm working on implementing things.
Posted by Carnage

4th of July 2010
Updates today:

Undermine now works fully; successful missions will reduce the defenders defense by 1-3% The level of undermine is reduced by 5% every 15 mins.

Attack limits have been changed:

Raids are limited to 30 per day, 75 per week
Siege is limited to 15 per day, 35 per week, 1 per 5 mins
Spy is limited to 25 per day, 140 per week
Undermine is limited to 30 per day, 75 per week
Posted by Carnage

1st of July 2010
Undermine has been readded to the game however it currently makes no effect on the defending army. I am still working on a new mechanic for how it will effect the defender.
Posted by Carnage

28th of June 2010
I've reset the game, changes over the reset as follows:
  • Weightings for stats now apply similar to age 2.5 (2x for strike/defence, 1.5x for shipping, sentry and spy, 1x for farming/mining)
  • Immunity should be granted for half an hour to all newly setup accounts
Posted by Carnage

23rd of June 2010
I've finished setting up the bug tracker; at the location specified in the invitation email. The login for the tracker is the same as the login for the private beta.

Please read the wiki page on how to post tickets and suggestions before posting any.

Posted by Carnage

17th of June 2010
Welcome to the age 4 private beta.

The reason you have been invited to take part in this beta test is to try out some new features and test for bugs in a small controlled environment. To this end, there are a few things I would like you to take into account:
  1. All normal foe rules apply to the beta test
  2. The new features in this beta should be kept secret
  3. There may well be bugs, there are incomplete features; some I know about some I don't. I have a bug tracker setup which everyone will get an account on in a few days.
  4. To assist in testing as there are so few players and as an exception to (1) You may create as many accounts as you wish, however do not use these accounts to boost a main account; play each as if it were a single account. It would be a good idea to pick different races, gods and strategies for each account.

Thanks for playing.
Posted by Carnage